Join our team for VAARH 2021

Due Friday, 3/20 at 5:00pm


a.    All officers shall be from a school in the Commonwealth of Virginia attending the annual conference. 
b.    All elected and appointed officers of the SBD, shall have resided in an on-campus housing unit for at least one academic semester during their academic career. 
c.    All officers shall hold only one SBD office at any given time.
d.    All SBD officers must remain in good academic standing and judicial standing in accordance with their respective institution.

State Board of Directors Duties:

a.    Director 
i.    Preside over all VAARH affiliated meetings. 
ii.    Represent VAARH to all other related organizations.  
iii.    Maintain regular communication with the SBD. 
iv.    Oversee the completion of all VAARH projects. 
v.    Appoint individuals to SBD vacancies with the approval of the current SBD.  
vi.    Coordinate transition in the event of a SBD vacancy.
vii.    Oversee the creation and execution of committee timeline and selection.
viii.    Other duties as assigned. 

b.    Assistant Director of Administration
i.    Serve in the absence or vacancy of the VAARH Director.   
ii.    Develop the annual VAARH budget with the SBD.
iii.    Review all VAARH financial accounts, on a monthly basis with support of the VACUHO Business Manager, and in coordination with the Advisor(s).
iv.    Maintain the VAARH directory including the voting status records of VAARH.
v.    Maintain meeting minutes. 
vi.    Maintain updated versions of the constitution and policy book.
vii.    Other duties as assigned. 

c.    Assistant Director of Public Relations 
i.    Serve as primary liaison between SBD and member institutions within the Commonwealth. 
ii.    Actively promote and maintain social media websites and VAARH website.
iii.    Disseminate information to promote VAARH, including promotional items.
iv.    Prepare and distribute a quarterly newsletter to VAARH member schools.
v.    Publicly recognize the accomplishments and achievements of institutions and individuals within the Commonwealth.
vi.    Other duties as assigned. 

d.    Assistant Director of Resources 
i.    Maintain and update the VAARH Resource Guide.
ii.    Develop team-building activities at VAARH related meetings.
iii.    Manage the awards voting and ceremony presentation during the VAARH Annual Conference. 
iv.    Coordinate the VAARH Foxy Award. 
v.    Implement practices and procedures that promote inclusion and involvement of all institutions. 
vi.    Support the growth and participation of HBCUs and small schools within the Commonwealth.   
vii.    Other duties as assigned. 

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